2011 Winning Entries

SDC 2011 winners.jpg

A 90nm CMOS Data Flow Processor using Fine Grained DVS for Energy Efficient Operation from 0.3V to 1.2V
S. Arrabi, Y. Shakhsheer, K. Craig, S. Khanna, J. Lach, and B. H. Calhoun - Univ. of Virginia

A 1900MHz-Band GSM-Based Clock-Harvesting Receiver with -87dBm Sensitivity
Jonathan K. Brown and David D. Wentzloff - Univ. of Michigan

SRAM Dynamic Stability Characterization Using Pulsed Word-lines in 45nm CMOS
Seng Oon Toh and Borivoje Nikolic - Univ. of California

Design and Implementation of Centip3De, a 7-layer Many-Core System
David Fick, Ronald G. Dreslinski, Bharan Giridhar, Gyouho Kim, Sangwon Seo, Matthew Fojtik, Sudhir Satpathy, Yoonmyung Lee, Daeyeon Kim, Nurrachman Liu, Michael Wiekowski, Gregory Chen, Trevor Mudge, Dennis Sylvester, and David Blaauw - Univ. of Michigan

A Flexible Wireless Receiver System with a 7b 21 MS/s Filtering SAR ADC
David T. Lin, Li Li, John Bell, Ming-Hao Wang and Michael P. Flynn - Univ. of Michigan

Augmented Reality Headset based on a Heterogeneous Multi-core Object Recognition Chip
Seungjin Lee, Jinwook Oh, Junyoung Park, Joonsoo Kwon, and Hoi-Jun Yoo - KAIST

A 0.9-V 11-bit 25-MS/s 0.58-mW Binary-Search SAR ADC in 90-nm CMOS
Ying-Zu Lin, Ya-Ting Shyu, Guan-Ying Huang, Chun-Cheng Liu and Soon-Jyh Chang - National Cheng Kung Univ.

A Video Stabilization System with Background Motion Estimation and Smoothing for Digital Camera
Chih-Lun Fang, Hui-Min Chuang and Tsung-Han Tsai - National Central Univ.