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Its day 2 at the Dallas DAC. I'm working for Cadence and we have booked about 80 demos a day. John Gianni of Skill fame, is doing demos for the Virtuoso environment and DB integration. It's 6:30 in the morning and Gianni goes out of the hotel for a run. He trips on curb at the valet station and breaks both his femurs. It now 8:00AM and the show is opening in an hour and I don't have coverage for the demo. Gianni has casts up to his pelvic bone and he is definitely feeling no pain from the pain killers and muscle relaxers. We put him in his suit,, cut his pant legs and duct tape them together then drop him in a rolling chair and put him in front of his workstation. Anyway, he completed the demos that day and the next. Gianni is just an amazing person to do such a thing. Truth is we probably could have survived with no demos of those products, but I sure appreciated "the show must go on" attitude we had in those days. Thanks John for giving me a story to tell.

Jim Hogan, Private Investor