2022 SKYTalk Speakers

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Joseph Sawicki, Executive Vice PResident, IC EDA, Siemens

Joseph SawickiDelivering "Smarter" Faster: The Future of EDA & AI

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

EDA and IC design are areas rife with opportunity for AI due to the massive datasets involved.  Today’s cutting-edge CPU and ASICs are measured in the tens of billions of transistors, straining EDA capabilities.  This is leading to dramatically higher computational demand for IC design flow.  As designs shrink from 7nm to 2nm, the number of CPU cores needed for these tasks is soaring into the thousands to maintain the same turnaround time. 

In the past several years, EDA has made significant progress in applying machine learning and AI to increase the performance, accuracy and capacity of its offerings.   This has appreciably lowered computational resources while improving throughput.  But challenges still remain. Though many areas of EDA can drive a significant decrease in computational load through AI/ML techniques, other’s require an exactness of outcome that goes beyond current capabilities.  Joe Sawicki, executive vice president, IC Siemens EDA, will survey the substantial improvement reaped thus far from incorporating AI/ML into EDA toolsets.  And then he will explore where EDA should focus its resources and efforts to realize the full promise of AI and EDA.

Teresa McLaurin, Fellow and Senior Director of Design for Test (DFT) Architecture at Arm

Teresa McLaurinBuilding Resiliency - The Next Imperative in Design

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Innovations in the world of design work toward ensuring that technology continues to deliver smaller and faster. This has included new methods that are beyond shrinking the transistors as Moore’s Law is slowing down. Testing and Design for Test must keep up to ensure that the designs created are fully testable to prevent costly test escapes. In addition to technology, areas that require intermittent testing such as automotive and large data centers to support the cloud must also be addressed. Teresa will illustrate how some of the trends of test may be examples of how resiliency on silicon will evolve in the industry.



Sandeep Mehndiratta, Vice President, Enterprise Go-To-Marker, Synopsys

Sandeep MehndirattaIt's Getting Cloudy Out There

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Cloud is everywhere – for chip design, companies large, medium, and small are evaluating their options in using high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure to accelerate and differentiate their designs. In this session, we will discuss the drivers and challenges of moving EDA workloads to the cloud and how leading design teams are maximizing the benefits of moving to the cloud.