54th DAC Best Paper/Presentation Nominations


No-Jump-Into-Basic-Block: Enforce Basic Block CFI on the Fly for Real-World Binaries

Fault-Tolerant Training With On-Line Fault Detection for RRAM-Based Neural Computing Systems

Towards Aging-Induced Approximations

Low-Overhead Aging-Aware Resource Management on Embedded GPUs

Low-Power On-Chip Network Providing Guaranteed Services for Snoopy Coherent and Artificial Neural Network Systems

Toward Optimal Legalization for Mixed-Cell-Height Circuit Designs

HALWPE: Hardware-Assisted Light Weight Performance Estimation for GPUs

Age-Aware Logic and Memory Co-Placement for RRAM-FPGAs

A 700fps Optimized Coarse-to-Fine Shape Searching Based Hardware Accelerator for Face Alignment

Ivory: Early-Stage Design Space Exploration Tool for Integrated Voltage Regulator

Automated Systolic Array Architecture Synthesis for High Throughput CNN Inference on FPGAs

Crossroads - Time-Sensitive Autonomous Intersection Management

Efficient Bayesian Yield Optimization Approach for Analog and SRAM Circuits

Secure and Reliable XOR Arbiter PUF Design: An Experimental Study Based on 1 Trillion Challenge Response Pair Measurements

Designer/IP Track

All presentations will be considered for the Best Presentation Award.