Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting Request Form


  1. Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting request forms must be submitted no later than Monday, August 2, 2021.  Each meeting requires its own form to be submitted below.  There is no guarantee that the DAC Show Management team can accommodate late requests.
  2. Additional Meeting/Co-located Meetings may take place only on Sunday, December 5 – Thursday, December 9 at the Moscone Convention Center except during the keynotes Monday – Wednesday at 9:00 – 11:00 am.
  3. If you are planning an off-site or virtual meeting, this form is not necessary.  The DAC Show Management team does not provide logistical assistance with offsite or virtual meetings.  However, all details for offsite/virtual meetings should be sent to Kayley Pitman at – the DAC Show Management team must confirm whether it conflicts with any other DAC programing.
  4. After submission, any logistical changes to an Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting must be emailed directly to Kayley Pitman at  
  5. Room assignments for each Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting will be provided in early October 2021.
  6. Exhibitor Meeting Room Requests follow a separate process from this Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting form. Questions regarding Exhibitor Meeting Rooms should be sent to Kaity Pizzolato:
  7. Collocated Event Requests: Collocated requests are subject to approval by DAC, ACM and IEEE. Collocated groups pay a room rental fee of $2,000 plus F&B, AV, etc.
  8. Additional Meeting Requests: Additional Meeting requests are subject to approval by DAC leadership. Additional Meeting groups pay a room rental fee of $1,500 for a full day or $500 for a half day plus F&B, AV, etc.
  9. Additional/Collocated meeting attendees must be registered for DAC in order to attend your meeting. You are free to create a separate registration link that requires attendees to pre-register for your meeting specifically.

Costs + Payment Process

  1. The Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting main point of contact will receive an email two weeks after the form is submitted with a detailed cost estimate/quote.
  2. Changes/edits to the quote must be final and approved no later than Friday, September 17, 2021. Payment is due in full at this time.

Completing the Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting request form below signifies that you have read the above guidelines and understand that your group will be responsible for paying for all approved execution costs.


Thank you for completing this form.  You will receive an email within the next two weeks following-up on this request.

For questions and information regarding Additional Meeting/Co-located Meeting Room Requests, please contact Kayley Pitman, Meeting & Events Coordinator, at