Hack@DAC: The DAC 2019 Hardware Security Contest

Hack@DAC is a hardware-security competition for students and industry experts. System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designers use third-party intellectual property (3PIP) cores and in-house IP cores to design SoCs. Trustworthiness of such SoCs is undermined by security bugs unintentionally introduced during integration of these IPs. Each SoC has its own defined usage scenario and corresponding security objectives. When exploited, a security weakness often results in compromise or bypass of at least one of the product security objectives. As it has been in the past attacks may lead to a system failure or deadlock , or create a side-channel to remotely access sensitive information (e.g., cryptographic keys), or gain privileged access to the system enabling them to bypass the security mechanisms in place and compromise the whole computing platform.

The goal of this competition is to develop practical and effective solutions and computer-aided tools to identify such vulnerabilities in buggy SoCs.

Final Competition at DAC
Sunday June 2 – Monday, June 3, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Room: N256
In this 33-hour ordeal, the top scoring teams from phase I of the competition will compete live to find and report security bugs from an SoC that is released to them at the start of the day. These teams mimic the role of a security research team at the SoC integrator and try to find the security vulnerabilities and report them back to the design team quickly, so they can be addressed before the SoC goes to market. The bug submissions from the participating teams are scored in real time by an expert team from industry and academia. More information

Hack@DAC: Catch me if you can (Designer Track Session)
Tuesday, June 4, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Room: N260
The winning teams of Hack@DAC are announced and awarded in this special Designer Track session, and the teams also present their approaches in this session. More information