Design Infrastructure Alley

The electronic product design ecosystem is a critical driver of the multi-trillion dollar worldwide market for electronic products. Without powerful computers and automation tools that allow complex systems to be created and designed, new and innovative electronic products would never make it to market.

The Design Infrastructure Alley is made up of the professionals who manage complex computing resources and the HW and SW products and services that are required for design teams to accomplish their mission.
Who will participate in the Design Infrastructure Alley topic areas?
  • Senior IT professionals and thought leaders within their organizations in the areas of compute, licensing, storage, security and cloud
  • Companies providing goods and services that support the Design Infrastructure Alley with hardware, software, and services
  • Senior IT managers and staff
  • CAD/Automation support professionals who develop and provide automation and tooling to support design automation tools and flows
  • Design automation tool developers
  • Software license system developers and managers
The DIA is for companies who want to promote their brand and gain better exposure to the electronic design community. The combination of both the presentation theater and the dedicated exhibit aisle will maximize the learning and brand exposure for anyone involved in the Design Infrastructure Alley.