DAC Pavilion Proposals

The purpose of the DAC Pavilion is to present content interesting to both the technical and business audiences that attend DAC, thereby driving attendees to the exhibit floor.

Panels, tech talks and other possible Pavilion activities are to be submitted via the DAC website, due by January 20, 2021.  There are three options when submitting a DAC Pavilion proposal:

1. Panels
2. Individual technical presentations
3. SKYTalk suggestions

Panels are intended to be of broad interest and attract a large audience. Panel topics should be interesting and timely, and the panels themselves should be engaging and informative. Each DAC pavilion Panel is 45 minutes long.


  • A good panel session explores a single high-level issue or question and includes representatives of differing viewpoints.
  • Controversy is appropriate and encouraged.
  • The topic should be relevant to multiple segments of DAC attendees.
We encourage the submission of ideas and suggestions for panel topics. The conference organizing committee will do its best to collaborate with the panel proposers to shape and refine the suggestions and to finalize the slate of panel speakers. Submitters of panel suggestions that are chosen for the conference will be recognized in the final conference program. All panels, panel speakers and moderators must receive final approval from the DAC Executive Committee, which takes into consideration the topics and the participants of all conference sessions to provide a diverse set of topics, participants and perspectives.

SKYTalks are considered to be mini-keynotes. SKYTalks are invited although, DAC is open to suggested speakers C-level speakers on relative industry topics. These talks intended to be of broad interest and attract a large audience. Topics should be interesting, timely, and informative. Each DAC Pavilion SKYTalk is 45 minutes long.