Tutorial Proposals

DAC is looking for timely, relevant and tangible hands-on topics that provide immediate value and learning for its attendees on design, methodology, design automation fundamentals, as well as automotive electronics, hardware and embedded system security, machine learning, and Internet of Things.

The tutorial program will feature two tutorial formats which will benefit DAC attendees. DAC tutorials can be 1.5 or 3 hours sessions which will be held on Monday, July 11th.

The short tutorial proposal must include 2 speakers and the long tutorial submission should have 3 or 4 speakers. Speakers in a tutorial must represent multiple different organizations; in other words, a tutorial must not be fully presented by a single organization. 

Sample Topic Areas:
  • Traditional EDA topics (e.g., "Prevent Clock Domain Crossings from Breaking Your Chip")
  • Hot design topics (e.g. "How to design a low-power memory controller")
  • Autonomous systems, ML, Security (e.g. “Security Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Technologies”)
  • Cloud, Embedded systems, IP  (e.g. “EDA in the Cloud – Best Practices for Cloud Migration")
  • Emerging software development topics (e.g. "How to get started writing iPhone apps")
DAC reserves the right to restructure all tutorial suggestions.
The Submissions Deadline Has Passed.