2021 Best Paper/Presentation Recipients

Best Paper Research

Gemmini: Enabling Systematic Deep-Learning Architecture Evaluation via Full-Stack Integration

Hasan N. Genc    University of California, Berkeley
Seah Kim    University of California, Berkeley
Alon Amid    University of California, Berkeley
Ameer Haj-Ali    University of California, Berkeley
Vighnesh Iyer    University of California, Berkeley
Pranav Prakash    University of California, Berkeley
Jerry Zhao    University of California, Berkeley
Daniel Grubb    University of California, Berkeley
Harrison Lew    University of California, Berkeley
Howard Mao    University of California, Berkeley
Albert Ou    University of California, Berkeley
Colin Schmidt    University of California, Berkeley
Samuel Steffl    University of California, Berkeley
John Wright    University of California, Berkeley
Ion Stoica    University of California, Berkeley
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Krste Asanovic    University of California, Berkeley
Borivoje Nikolic    University of California, Berkeley
Yakun Sophia Shao   University of California, Berkeley


  • Architecture-aware Precision Tuning with Multiple Number Representation Systems

  • Distilling Arbitration Logic from Traces using Machine Learning: A Case Study on NoC

  • DNN-Opt: An RL Inspired Optimization for Analog Circuit Sizing using Deep Neural Networks

  • Gemmini: Enabling Systematic Deep-Learning Architecture Evaluation via Full-Stack Integration

  • A Resource Binding Approach to Logic Obfuscation



  • Jörg Henkel
  • Antun Domic
  • Petru Eles
  • Monica Farkash
  • Frank Liu
  • Sri Parameswaran
  • Leon Stok

Best Paper Designer Track Front-End

Optimizing Fault Simulations with Formal Analysis for Asil Compliance

Sara Jacob    NXP Semiconductors Inc. 
Vaibhav Kumar     NXP Semiconductors Inc. 
Jiri Prevratil    Synopsys
Tareq Altakrouri    Synopsys

Best Paper Designer Track – Back-End

Using Clock Skew to Fix Hold: A Path-Depth Based Useful-Skew Approach to Reduce Hold Buffer Insertion

Eliot Gerstner    Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 


Best Paper – IP Track

Smart digital sensors against tampering

Sylvain Guilley      Secure-IC
Michel Le Rolland      Secure-IC

Best Paper – Embedded Systems Track

Performance Modeling of Digital Processing Systems

Rajesh Chandra      Northrop Grumman
Deepak Shankar      Mirabilis Design Inc. 

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