DACtv will be hosting highlight videos with information regarding the upcoming show for both exhibitors and attendees.

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DAC 2020: Virtual and Different

Vlog #10: Virtual DAC Registration Now Open!

Vlog #9: DAC 2020 Goes Virtual!

Vlog #8: DAC 2020 Goes Virtual!

Vlog #7: 57th DAC: Record Submissions Across the Board!

Vlog #6: Record Submissions, Top Exhibitors, and Expert Insights: Just a Few Reasons to Attend the 57th Design Automation Conference

Vlog 5: 57th Design Automation Conference Zhuo Li Speaks at ASPDAC

Vlog 4: Don't Have DAC FOMO, Submit Your Work to the Designer, Embedded Systems or IP Track

Vlog 3: The Design Automation Conference 2020 - We hit a record number of submissions!

Vlog 2: All about DAC 2020

Vlog 1: 57th Design Automation Conference Call for Contributions
DAC 2020 | Keynotes

DAC 2020 | K3 Wednesday Keynote: A Massive Wafer-Scale Supercomputer for Deep Learning Acceleration...- Feldman

DAC 2020 | K2 Tuesday Keynote: RISC V Revolution and Momentum - Calista Redmond

DAC 2020 | K4 Thursday Keynote: New Paradigms for 6G Wireless Communications - Andrea Goldsmith
DAC 2019 | Keynotes

DAC 2019 | Keynote: Securing the Billions of Devices Around Us

DAC 2019 | Keynote: Prioritizing Play in an Automated Age

DAC 2019 | Keynote: From student project to tackling the major challenges in realizing safe & sustainable electric vehicles

DAC 2019 | Visionary Talk: Game Changers: How Automation Has Changed the Gaming Industry

DAC 2019 | Keynote: Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Straight Talk with Tony Hemmelgarn, Siemens Digital Industries Software CEO

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: March of the Machines – Building Ethical AI

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Incorporation of Security into Chip Design

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: ML/DL/AI for EDA: A Myth or a Reality?

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Myth vs. Reality: What 5G is supposed to be, and what it will take to get there

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: RISC-V Opportunities and Challenges in an “Open” Technology Society

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: What can EDA do for Quantum Computing and what can QC do for EDA?

DDAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Hey Alexa, who should I talk to about implementing low-power, always-on wake-up applications?

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Young Under 40 Innovators Award Panel

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Fundamental Shifts In the Electronics Ecosystem

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: The Memory Futures

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Deep Learning Meets Silicon - a progress report on technology, applications, startups and challenges

DAC 2019 | DAC Pavilion: Electronics Innovation’s Great Leap Forward: An overview of the JUMP program

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.: The 4 Questions to Ask When Creating a Cloud Strategy

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: HPC Pros: State of the Future

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Si2: Panel - OpenAccess DM6: A New Era Enabling Interoperable Cloud Design

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Astera Labs: Revolutionizing Semiconductor Design Workflows with EDA on AWS

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Doing EDA in the Cloud? Yes, it’s possible!

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Google: More Moore: Accelerating the Design of Accelerators

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Metrics Technology, Inc.: Verification Measurement and Optimization

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Google’s Story of Moving EDA to Cloud

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Methodics, Inc.: Design Workflow Acceleration with Frictionless Cloud-Bursting

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Rescale: Cloud, What’s Chip Design Got To Do With It? The Why, What, How, and What’s Next of EDA on the Cloud

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Microsoft: Accelerating Silicon Design with Cloud and AI/ML

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Pure Storage, Inc: Speed Up Chip Design for Free (Almost)

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: AWS: Altair: Cloud for Cloud Pragmatists

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: IBM Corporation: Empowering the EDA Designer

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: ClioSoft: Successfully Moving a Design Environment to the Cloud

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Univa Corp.: Taking EDA Clusters to the Extreme with HPC Cloud

DAC 2019 | Design on Cloud: Practical Cloud Advice from Those Who Have Already Adopted It