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For Exhibitors

Thank you for exhibiting at DAC! The resources on this page will help you to maximize your company's investment. Please visit often for the latest information.

Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor manual is available at this link. (link forthcoming)

Note: If you have not previously logged in to Freeman Online, you will need to set up a username and password.

Exhibitor Housing 

Housing – Convention Management Resources
+1 800-421-2499, +1 415-979-2287
Housing Site 

  • Requests for 9 or less rooms can book individual reservations here.
  • Requests for 10 or more rooms must complete a Room Block Request.

IMPORTANT: No other hotel management company or travel agency is authorized to place reservations on behalf of DAC, so avoid housing scams and use only the official DAC online housing website.

 Alert! CMR (Convention Management Resources) is the official hotel management company for SEMICON West & DAC Housing. No other hotel management company or travel agency is authorized to place reservations on behalf of SEMICON West & DAC. These companies have not entered agreements with the San Francisco hotels and are not able to guarantee rates and accommodations during the dates of the conference. 
Should you be contacted by any other agency other than CMR, please contact SEMICON West & DAC Housing at +1 800-421-2499 (U.S. and Canada), +1 415-979-2287 (International).

Career Development Day

DAC is inviting attendees of all skill levels (students, post doc, professionals) to participate in the Career Development Day, Tuesday, July 11, from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Members of the DAC Community who are considering a job change or new career opportunity are encouraged to complete an application and upload a résumé/CV which will be shared in advance with participating employers.  Attendees may stop by the Career Development Area on Level 3 at any time on Tuesday between 8:00 am – 6:00 pm to speak with employers.

Employers will be posting positions through July 2023. You’ll be able to search the job postings by skill level, area of interest, and more.

Find more information about the Career Development Day here.

Archive of Exhibitor Town Hall Meeting

Thank you to all who were able to join the Exhibitor Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

Please see the following links for archives of the materials covered:

DAC22 Town Hall Recording: April 14, 2022

DAC22 Town Hall Meeting Slides: April 14, 2022

We encourage anyone who was not able to attend to review the archived materials.

Exhibitor Update Newsletters

Periodic Exhibitor Update Newsletters are published by Show Management as a service to exhibitors participating in upcoming Shows. The goal is to share new and important information regarding the Show and aid exhibitors in maximizing the effectiveness of their exhibit. Exhibitors are encouraged to thoroughly read all Exhibitor Update Newsletters. An archive of these newsletters can be found on this site.

March, 2022

April, 2022

May, 2022



The exhibitor manual is available at this link. (link forthcoming)

Note: If you have not previously logged in to Freeman Online, you will need to set up a username and password.

The Exhibitor Manual is your resource for the successful implementation of your DAC Exhibits plan. Included are the rules and regulations, shipping and handling instructions, rental display options, labor services, and order forms for every service available to exhibitors during DAC 2022. Please direct any questions to ExhibitorSupport@freeman.com, or call 888.508.5054 or 512.982.4186.

Be sure to review the Exhibitor Manual in detail well before DAC 2022 as there are numerous discounts and deadlines. Order through Freeman online by June 10, 2022 for the best prices.  If you need assistance with Freeman Online, please contact them at 888.508.5054.


Housing – Convention Management Resources
+1 800-421-2499, +1 415-979-2287
Housing Site

IMPORTANT: No other hotel management company or travel agency is authorized to place reservations on behalf of DAC, so avoid housing scams and use only the official DAC online housing website.


Alert! CMR (Convention Management Resources) is the official hotel management company for SEMICON West & DAC Housing. No other hotel management company or travel agency is authorized to place reservations on behalf of SEMICON West & DAC. These companies have not entered agreements with the San Francisco hotels and are not able to guarantee rates and accommodations during the dates of the conference. Should you be contacted by any other agency other than CMR, please contact SEMICON West & DAC Housing at +1 800-421-2499 (U.S. and Canada), +1 415-979-2287 (International).

Unofficial Vendors

As we approach DAC 2022, some exhibitors may be solicited from a variety of vendors for different services, including housing and list rental. Please be aware that these companies are soliciting you and indicating that they are associated with DAC 2022—they are not. 

If the company soliciting you does not appear on our official vendor list, they are not endorsed by show management. If you are unsure or want to check a vendor’s status, please email exhibits@2023DAC.com.



  • Booth space, service costs, travel, etc.
  • If you need help assessing general contractor costs, please feel free to ask the DAC exhibits team or the ILC Chair, Rob van Blommestein


  • Define what is showcased and why it is important to your market (products, services, etc.)
  • Who is the audience? Who are you trying to reach?
  • Assign goals to event - select something measurable (leads, visits, meetings).
  • What is needed to support company goals and specific DAC goals?
  • How many people will you need at the show to maintain the booth during the show hours?

Exhibitor Timeline (subject to change)

February 2022

  • February 1: Booth Payment due -remaining 60% due
  • February 1: Penalty Deadline to reduce / cancel space after today 100%
  • February: Convention Center & Hotel meeting space request forms due

April 2022

  • April 5: Conference Registration & Booth Staff Registration open - Click here to access the registration page

May 2022

June 2022:

July 2022

  • July 1: AV & Computer Rental
  • July 10 – 14: Conference Dates
  • July 11 – 13: Exhibit Dates
  • July 13: Carpet removal begins at 6:00pm and return of empty crates, dismantle 6:00pm - 10:00pm
  • July 14: Dismantling 8:00am - 12:30pm



  • How do you plan to demonstrate your product or service?
  • Will you have monitors to show demos or presentations?
  • Will you need space to sit down with customers?
  • Will you have a live presentation?


  • Option 1: Rent from the general service contractor, Freeman
    • Freeman can provide many exhibit materials, from basic walls to customized booths including furniture.
    • The advantage of using DAC’s general service contractor is that you will not be subject to material handling and shipping costs for materials that they furnish.
  • Option 2: Rent from an exhibit house
    • Exhibit materials are more customizable, but you will have to pay for shipping, material handling and for set-up.
  • Option 3: Purchase and use your own exhibit property
    • This could be a good choice for your company if you participate in several shows of a similar size each year, as you will avoid incurring repeated rental charges.
    • Before deciding to purchase exhibit materials, you should consider potential storage, customization, and maintenance costs.
  • Carpet in your booth at DAC is mandatory. Do not forget to order carpet to match the size of your booth footprint. Your exhibit staff will thank you if you also add padding—it really does make a difference when you are on your feet for many hours!
  • If you bring in exhibit materials and equipment yourself, independent of a contractor, please note that storing items of any kind behind your booth is NOT an option. This includes, but is not limited to: empty boxes, cases for pop-up booths/signage, giveaway items, and/or booth crates. Please make arrangements to store these items off site for the duration of the show.


One of the unique aspects of exhibiting at DAC is the “Suite Package” that is included in your exhibit rental fee (200 sq. ft. or greater). Design automation tools and software are complex, highly proprietary products that require in-depth discussions to fully explore your product’s ability to meet your customer’s needs. To address this need, DAC’s Suite Package offers you a simple, cost-effective way to build a meeting room within your booth space for private customer discussions.

The Suite Package is included in your exhibit space rental and provides the following at no additional cost:

  • Smart Panel Walls with locking doors
  • Carpeting
  • Porter service (limited)   

If you are planning to use a portion of your booth space as Suite space, you are required to submit a Booth/Suite Layout Form to the Official DAC General Contractor, Freeman. Increase brand awareness with Freeman graphics for your meeting room.

Suite space planning guidelines

By the terms of the Exhibit Space Contract, your total booth space must have a portion of the area designated as public access to all attendees, but Suite space may be configured for privacy with entry gained by YOUR company invitation only. The Suite space you design is yours to control. You have the option to include a reception area, demo rooms, conference rooms, or storage space, and Freeman can help you enhance your brand image with full color graphic printing for your Suite walls. Keep in mind that DAC does not allow Suite walls within 5’ of a main traffic aisle, so the entrance to your Suite must open either into your public booth space or a non-traffic aisle.

DAC provides Suite space on the following basis:

  • Exhibit space of 100 sq. ft. – no Suite space provided.
  • Exhibit space from 200 to 400 sq. ft. – at least 100 square feet of your floor space must be public booth space.
  • Exhibit space greater than 400 sq. ft. – at least 25% of your floor space must be public booth space.

Be sure to review the guidelines regarding your exhibit space in the DAC Exhibition Operating Rules and Regulations and plan accordingly. 



Show Management will provide access control personnel in the exhibit halls during the set-up period, throughout the exhibit, and following the close of the exhibit until the premises are vacated. Neither the Moscone Center nor Show Management is liable for, nor carries insurance on, exhibitors' property or fixtures. Insurance and liability coverage is your responsibility. Your exhibit materials and displays are your property. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you take every precaution to protect this material.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your exhibit and articles secure:

  • Ship in locked trunks or crates and sturdy containers
  • If cartons are used, be sure that they are securely taped or banded and, under no circumstances, have any markings on the outside naming the type of articles contained therein
  • Ship with a qualified trucker or forwarder
  • All exhibitors should take extra precaution, even during the show, if they have highly sensitive and proprietary information stored on their computers
  • Securely fasten all lightweight, high-theft-risk items such as laptop computers, cameras, calculators, stereos, etc. to display boards, or lock them in showcases. Personal items of value should never be left in an unattended exhibit
  • Be sure to furnish your shipping company with an accurate account and a complete bill of landing
  • Do not leave your booth unattended during set-up or move-out periods
  • Cover your display after setup and each night before you leave
  • Do not leave exhibit materials under tables or displays
  • Never leave materials in containers to be stored with empty containers
  • At the close of the exhibit, be sure to pack as quickly as possible, and do not leave your space unattended during this period
  • Have one of your employees remain in your space with your shipment until it is actually picked up by a Material Handling Contractor
  • Use black shrink wrap


Below are some important reminders and tips to help you have the best experience possible as a DAC exhibitor.


  • You must arrange shipment of your property to and from the show site. Use a shipping company that has experience with trade shows—it will save you many headaches!
  • You will need material handling to transfer your freight from the loading docks to your booth at move-in and back at dismantle, where your shipping company will pick it up again. 
  • You might want to consider using the logistics/shipping department of DAC’s General Service Contractor. If you use them, you do not have to worry about the move-in schedule. The cost might (but not always) be higher with other carriers, you usually get a discount on your material handling costs (10%), and you can be sure that your shipment awaits in your booth when you arrive.


  • Check the move-in schedule and make every effort to have your shipment arrive accordingly. If you miss your move-in date and time, you will be charged a different rate per pound of materials—usually 30% higher than the reduced rate offered for on-time arrivals.
  • Order labor in advance, both for set-up and dismantling. Check with your exhibit house if your booth set-up requires a forklift in the booth. If you have a hanging sign, you will need to submit a separate rigging/hanging sign labor form.


  • To keep your show in budget, order all services before the discount deadlines as outlined in the Exhibitor Manual.
  • Lead retrieval systems ordering deadline is earlier than that of the general service contractor.
  • Do not forget electrical services and associated labor. This will be ordered separately from other show services and requires you to specify your required voltage and provide a layout diagram of where you want your electrical to be placed within your exhibit. On your layout diagram, be sure to mark:
    • Where you want to have the “main drop” of power—this is the location where your electricity will be brought in from outside your booth (typically centered at the rear of your booth). Depending on the exhibit hall, the drop could come from the ceiling or the floor. 
    • Where you will need other outlets placed in order to give access as needed throughout your booth.
  • If you need internet in your booth, you also must order this in advance.
  • Consider your goals for the show and focus your exhibit theme and messaging accordingly.
  • Put your best foot forward! Design and prepare your graphics well in advance. All signage should be professionally printed for a neat appearance.
  • It is generally better to use less copy (text) and more graphics on exhibit signage. Where text is needed, carefully consider font size: be sure that a person walking down the aisle (10 to 15 feet away) can clearly read and understand your message. Don't forget to include your company logo in a prominent location.
  • Pay attention to detail! If you are using table linens or fabric backdrops in your booth, ensure that these are clean, free of stains, and in good repair. Press or steam them to remove wrinkles.
  • Do not forget to order a cleaning service to keep your booth looking sharp throughout the show.


  • To avoid disappointment, use DAC Housing to book hotel rooms/blocks for your group. Reserve rooms early—they often sell out.
  • Exhibit vendors and show contractors will require a credit card to keep on file. This does not, however, many that it will be charged, as you have the option to prepay service orders by check or wire transfer, as desired, prior to show start.
  • Bring a set-up kit with you for installation. Include Velcro strips, scissors, packing tape (to pack up after the show), cleaning wipes, markers, pens, and paper. 
  • You may also consider a small kit with some amenities for your exhibit staff to have on hand throughout the show. Personal items like tissues, hand sanitizer, breath mints, and a small first-aid kit will make your staff more comfortable and help them to be at their best. 
  • Don’t forget your business cards and any needed laptop/phone chargers!