Learn What Technologies Are on the Horizon of Electronic Design 

The Exhibitor Forum will showcase technical deep-dives that are open to both Exhibits and Technical Program attendees. Hear from vendors and service providers as they highlight the underlying technologies or use cases outside the confines of an exhibit space. Presentations will focus on technical challenges, underpinning technologies, and distinctive technical features. 

The Exhibitor Forum is located on the first-floor exhibition area. Presentations start each day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10:00 am.  Please visit the individual presentation for abtract details and exact times.

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Monday, June 24

Secure Collaboration Across Enterprises on the Cloud

Presenter: Prashant Varshney, Microsoft

Ultra-Fast Variation Characterization for Embedded Memories and IP Blocks

Presenters: Danny Li, Ken Tseng, Empyrean Technology

Enabling a new era of Software Shift Left with Veloce CS

Presenter: Vijay Chobisa, Siemens

Understanding Ansys SigmaDVD – A Radical New Methodology for Voltage Drop Analysis and Signoff

Presenter: Murat Becer, Ansys;  Chip Stratakos, Microsoft

Transforming Semiconductor Designs using SystemC based Shift-Left methodologies

Presenters: Umesh Sisodia, Rameez Syed, CircuitSutra Technologies

Enhancing Hardware Security through AI/ML Applications

Presenters: Margaret Schmitt, Alfred Crouch, Amida Technology Solutions

Key for Truly Up-to-date, Accurate, and Reusable EDA Library

Presenter: Julie Lio, Palpilot International


Tuesday, June 25

Architecting a True Hybrid Cloud Environment for Massively Parallelized EDA Workloads

Presenters: Sridhar Panchapakesan,Vikram Bhatia, Synopsys

Streamlining Design Complexity with IP-Centric Design

Presenter: Vishal Moondhra, Perforce Software

Taking 3DIC Heterogeneous Integration Mainstream

Presenter: Tony Mastroianni, Siemens

Leveraging AI/ML for Electronic Design and Simulation

Presenters: Prith Banerjee, Ansys; Sanjay Choudhry, NVIDIA

AutoDV: AI-Generated HDL with Design Verification In-The-Loop

Presenter: Valerio Tenace, PrimisAI

Emerging Chiplet Ecosystems Enable Optimized Multi-Vendor Designs

Presenters: Elad Alon, John Lupienski, Ronen Shosham, Blue Cheetah Analog

On Cloud Semiconductor Virtual Twin Experience Universe

Presenters: Manuel Rei, John Maculley, Smriti Joshi, Dassault Systemes


Wednesday, June 26

Generative AI for Semiconductor Design and Verification

Presenter: Karan Singh, Amazon

Object Oriented Embedded Hardware for Operational Excellence

Presenters: Anupam Bakshi, Freddy Nunez, Neena Chandawale, Agnisys, Inc. 

How AI is changing every aspect of EDA, starting from transistor-level simulation

Presenter: Jeff Dyck, Siemens

Visualizing the Future of Multi-die Design with Ansys & NVIDIA Omniverse

Presenter: Rich Goldman, Ansys; Baskar Rajagopalan, NVIDIA

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – A Guide to Customizing Your Processor with Verification in Mind

Presenters: Filip Benna, Brett Cline, Codasip


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