DAC Poster Gladiator Award

New for DAC 2021, the Designer, IP and Embedded Systems (Engineering) Tracks Poster ONLY presentations became eligible to win the prestigious DAC Gladiator Poster Award. Winners of the award were announced and recognized on Tuesday, December 7 in the DAC Pavilion. This new program recognizes the hard work and preparation the poster submitters have completed. Each Poster Gladiator finalist was given 5-minutes in the DAC Pavilion on either the Monday or Tuesday of DAC to present their submitted and approved poster presentation in a speed round. Presenters will be presenting in front of a panel of expert industry judges. Judges voted along with the audience to select the 2021 DAC Poster Gladiator 

Congratulations to the 2021 DAC Poster Gladiator Award Winners! 

Congratulations to our Poster Gladiator Winners from proteanTecs (Evelyn LandmanAlex BurlakNir Sever, and Uzi Baruch) with their poster:

Deep data for faster silicon bring-up, characterization, and qualification with higher confidence

The 2021 Poster Gladiator will receive a full conference pass to the 2022 DAC being held July 10 -14 at Moscone West in San Francisco and asked to be a judge at next year’s Poster Gladiator session.


Thank you to our 2021 judges:

  • Mac McNamara, Adapt-IP – DAC Past chair and Past Designer/IP Chair
  • Rob Aitken, Arm – DAC Past Chair 
  • Zhuo Li, Cadence – DAC Past Chair and Past Designer/IP Chair
  • Mark Kraeling, GE Transport  – Embedded Systems Chair
  • Moderator  - Brian Fuller, Arm

See all 2021 Poster Gladiator contestants:

Poster Title:  Gladiators Poster Gladiator Presentation Day Poster Gladiator presentation time  Poster Session Date (day they are presenting in the Poster Hall)
Enhanced Analytics and Reporting for Triage and Sign-off Timing Kerim Kalafala, Richard Taggart Monday, December 6 4:40 Wednesday, December 8th
Shift-left Post-Silicon verification with Speed and Accuracy Oscar Monroy, Jitendra Aggarwal Monday, December 6 4:45 Wednesday, December 8th
Enhanced Hyperscaling of Data Centers using In-Chip Monitoring & Sensing Fabrics Ramsay Neil Allen, Firooz Massoudi Monday, December 6 4:50 Wednesday, December 8th
Routability Improvement Methodology Using Multiple Standard Cells with Various Pin Location Sua Lee, Joonyoung Shin, Hyung-Ock Kim, Sangdo Park, Jooyeon Kwon, Yeongyeong Shin, Yongcheul Kim, Sangyun Kim Monday, December 6 4:55 Tuesday, December 7th
A Scalable Multicore RISC-V GPGPU Accelerator for High-End FPGAs Blaise Pascal Tine, Fares Elsabbagh Monday, December 6 5:00 Wednesday, December 8th
Abstraction- An efficient methodology for RTL & Low-Power Signoff in SoC Design Rohit Sinha Monday, December 6 5:10 Wednesday, December 8th
Towards measuring layout pattern coverage: a Machine Learning Approach Hui Fu Monday, December 6 5:15 Wednesday, December 8th
Deep data for faster silicon bring-up, characterization, and qualification with higher confidence Tamar Naishlos, Shubharthi Datta, Alex Burlak Tuesday, December 7 4:40 Monday, December 6th
End-to-End Solution for structured implementation of high-speed data buses Subhadarshini Behera, Dheeraj Tuteja, Shubham Agarwal, Shishir Saran Rai Tuesday, December 7 4:45 Monday, December 6th
Expediting Data Converter Layouts using Design Planning & Analysis (DPA) Automation Colin Thomson, Vishesh Kumar, Atul Bhargava Tuesday, December 7 4:50 Wednesday, December 8th
Algorithm to RTL: A Faster Path to Implementation Russell Klein, Anoop Saha Tuesday, December 7 4:55 Monday, December 6th
Innovative Techniques to Accelerate Error Handling Verification of Complex Systems Peter Graniello, Neha Rajendra, Bhushan G. Parikh Tuesday, December 7 5:00 Monday, December 6th
Robust Timing Analysis And Optimization under Parametric On-Chip Process Variation Jaeyoung Lim, Li Ding, Yun Heo, Jegil Moon, Wenwen Chai, Moon-Su Kim, Ilryong Kim Tuesday, December 7 5:05 Monday, December 6th
A flexible SAR-ADC IP for multiple technodes Torsten Reich, Benjamin Prautsch, Marcel Jotschke Tuesday, December 7 5:10 Wednesday, December 8th
Hybrid Emulation Methodology for SSD Design Byeongwook Bae, Seunghan Lee, Sangho Park, JaeWoo Im, Jungyun Choi, Kyungsu Kang, Byunghoon Lee, SungGil Lee Tuesday, December 7 5:15 Wednesday, December 8th