Hail Caesar, We Who Are About to Present Our Research, Salute You

Join us at #61DAC to watch our fierce Engineering Track Poster Gladiators battle to see who will emerge as the winner of the DAC Gladiator Poster Award. 

This new program recognizes the hard work and preparation the poster submitters have completed. Each Poster Gladiator finalist will be given 5-minutes in the DAC Pavilion on either the Monday or Tuesday of DAC to present their submitted and approved poster presentation in a speed round. Presenters will be presenting in front of a panel of expert industry judges. In addition to the judges, the audience will also be partly responsible for determining the fate of each gladiator and deciding the winner. 

Poster gladiators will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Engineering Tracks reviewer scores
  • Originality and creativity of the work being presented
  • Clarity and writing style
  • Impact of the gladiator's ideas and work

Battle MC - Brian Fuller, ARM


  • Michael (Mac) McNamara, Adapt IP
  • Harry Foster, Siemens
  • Rob Oshana, Analog
  • Rob Aitken, Synopsys

Meet the 2024 Poster Gladiators


Poster Title:  Gladiators
Powerdash: A Comprehensive Framework for SOC Power Analysis and Tracking Vivek Joshi, Atman Kar, Texas Instruments
High Coverage QA for Process Variability Compensation in LVS Rule Deck Heejae Lim, Jaeyoung So, Minho Jung, Jimin Yeo, Yunseong LEE, Bonhyuck Koo, Yongseok Lee, Ahmed Saleh, Mohamed Alimam, Samsung
A New Approach to Efficient Prelim Package Generation for Faster SOC Implementation Bhupendra Singh, Shoikat Das, Saurabh Srivastava, Anil Dwivedi, STMicroelectronics
Early Clock Tree Power Estimation and Correlation at SoC: A Case Study Sri Sai Pavan Pasumarthi, Sudheer Yadapalli, Vineet Ooramkumarath, Qualcomm
A Novel Flow to Verify SoC Integration with Formal Property Verification

David Vincenzoni, Marcello Dusini, STMicroelectronics

Virtual Instrumentation Based Predictive Checks for Shift-Left Low Power Verification Sachin Bansal, Yi Liu, Vijay Poosa, M.Vaishnavi Reddy, Nupur Gupta, Vishal Keswani, Amit Goldie, Manish Goel, Synopsys
Challenges and Improvements in StandardCell OpenAccess Content for Analog Design Anuradha Ray, Frederic Avellaneda, Stephan Weber, Anuradha Ray, STMicroelectronics
Methodology to Analyze and Optimize SOC Performance and Cost Using Function Agnostic Cycle Accurate Models Atul Lele, Anuvrat Srivastava, Ajeet Singh, Texas Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.; Ashutosh Mishra, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
AI-Assisted Design Optimization for Extensive Design Spaces: Handling 260,000+ Combinations Austin Rhodes, Micron; Mohamed Atoua, Siemens
Struct Based Lower Level Modelling Using SystemVerilog UDT for Verification of Power Management IC Vijay Kumar, Keerthana K, Celeste Anil Lagali, Siemens
Smart Testing: Integrating Fault Simulation and AI/ML for Efficient IP Validation Himanshu Vishwakarma, Priyanka Gharat, Gopi Srinivas Deepala, Silicon Interfaces
A Decade of Evolution in Formal Verification Erik Seligman, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.; M V Kiran Kumar, Intel
Modeling Optimal Number of Tap-points for Flexible H-tree During Clock Tree Synthesis Anup Kumar, Akshay Mankotia, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Automated Floorplan Scaling Solutions and Framework Sivaramakrishnan Harihara Subramanian, Venkatesh RS, Khris Valencia Chacon, Intel
Executable Tables, 'A Journey from Document to Simulation Capable, Exemplified Using DDR5 ' Rahil Jha, Joseph Bauer, Rahil Jha, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Redefining Hierarchical Power Integrity signoff for Ultra-Large System-on-Chips Piyush Jain, Rossana Liu, Hailang Wang, Apurva Soni, Medha Kulkarni, Pranav Ranganathan, Microsoft; Chidambaram Rakkappan, Amit Jangra, Godwin Rajasekhar, Sreekanth Rajan, Ansys
Die-Level Dynamic-IR Analysis Shift-Left Enabled by RedHawk-SC SigmaDVD Ruiqi Wu, Marc Zheng, UNISOC; Ran Zhang, Luca Cui, Chang Zhao, Ansys
COBRA : Code Coverage Measurement Technique for ARM-based firmware using Binary Modification Technology Wonchol Kim, Samsung
A Single Source Unified Approach to CSR Register Development Insaf Meliane, Andy Nightingale, Rich Weber, Arteris




Congratulations to the 2022 DAC Poster Gladiator Award Winners! 

Congratulations to Romain Feuillette from GlobalFoundries for your poster battle victory with the poster, "Machine Learning Techniques for PDK Development Efficiency!"

The 2022 Poster Gladiator will receive a full conference pass to the 2023 DAC being held July 10 -14 at Moscone West in San Francisco and asked to be a judge at next year’s Poster Gladiator session.


Congratulations to the 2021 DAC Poster Gladiator Award Winners!

Congratulations to our Poster Gladiator Winners from proteanTecs (Evelyn LandmanAlex BurlakNir Sever, and Uzi Baruch) with their poster:

Deep data for faster silicon bring-up, characterization, and qualification with higher confidence




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