In anticipation of potential travel restrictions and continuing state and local restrictions on large public gatherings, the DAC Executive Committee along with the event sponsors, ACM and IEEE have decided to postpone the dates of the conference and exhibition until later in the year to provide more time for vaccination distribution and the implementation of additional health and safety practices.

The 58th DAC has been rescheduled for December 5-9, 2021 at Moscone West Center, San Francisco, CA.

Should travel restrictions still be in place for specific regions, DAC 2020 will also have a digital portion of the event being held the same week, December 5-9. 

DAC is dedicated to the health and safety of our entire DAC community along with the commitment to bringing us all back together at a live event in 2021.   

Below you will find our frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the date change for the event.  For those questions not addressed please contact  

Will the Conference content be reduced now that DAC 2021 is scheduled for December?

No.  DAC 2021 will continue to be the premier annual event for the design and design automation of electronic systems and circuits.  In fact, since 2018, research submissions to DAC have increased 32%.  Between now and April, nearly 300 technical presentations and sessions will be reviewed and selected by a committee of experts that offer information on recent developments and trends, management practices, new products, methodologies and technologies – including feature growth area topics in AI/ML Systems Design; Analog Design, Simulation, Verification, and Test; and Functional Verification and Validation.  DAC 2021 will be bigger and better than ever!


The 58th DAC is being planned as a hybrid event with both live and digital components.  What sessions will be part of the digital event? 

Research Track special sessions and best papers; Designer, IP and Embedded Track invited sessions and best papers; Keynotes; SKYTalks; Tech Talks; Design on Cloud presentations and exhibits. 


Will the live and digital program for DAC 2021 be held at the same time in December 2021?

Yes, both the live event and digital event will be held December 5-9, 2021


If I pay for a full conference pass for the live event in December, will I also have access to the digital portion of the conference? 

A full conference pass for the live conference will grant access to both the live event at Moscone Center and the digital portion of the program.


When will registration open for DAC 2021?

Registration for Research Track authors will be open from May 15 – June 15. 

Advance registration for all other presenters and attendees will open September 7.


When can I apply for my visa?

Click here to download the DAC Visa Letter. Please email with any questions or concerns related to the visa application process.


When will DAC housing be open to book rooms in December for the live event?

Housing will be open and available on on September 7, 2021 


Will the 59th DAC still be held in July of 2022? 

Yes, the 59th DAC will be planned for July 10-14, 2022 at Moscone West Center in San Francisco. 


Is DAC taking precautions to safeguard attendees during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes.  When it comes to safety, DAC puts you first!  We are working closely with Moscone Center in San Francisco and Federal, State and Local public health officials, to incorporate current best practices and provide you with the best level of protection at DAC 2021 this December.

Here are 3 ways we’re keeping you safe:

  • Partnering with Moscone Center to maintain their Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Accreditation standards for a state-of-the-art cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program that minimizes risks associated with infectious agents.

  • Collaborating with our contractors and the exhibitor community to ensure everyone receives training on personal hygiene guidelines and response/recovery protocols related to suspected/confirmed cases of COVID.

  • Continuing to seek expert advice on up-to-the-moment health and safety direction from the WHO, the CDC, State and Local public health authorities, and recognized health and safety experts in the Conference and Exhibition Industry.




My paper has been accepted to DAC 2021, when will my paper be published?

Your accepted paper will be published according to the original planned schedule in the summer 2021. The exact appearance date in the ACM and IEEE libraries will depend on each respected organization’s schedule.  You will also get the electronic version of the DAC proceedings from DAC in December when the live conference is held. 


My paper has been accepted to DAC 2021: What is required to get my paper published?


A) Camera-ready paper, 

B) DAC conference registration, 

C) Pre-recorded video, 

D) Live presentation at DAC 2021 in December

NOTE: You will receive specific instructions via email with the timeline for all requirements.


Are the camera-ready paper submission deadlines still the same? 

Yes, deadlines are the same.  Specific instructions with a timeline and schedule will be sent to corresponding authors via email. 


When will the program be available online? 

The 2021 DAC program will be available for viewing on July 1, 2021


As an author/presenter in the DAC 2021 Research Track, when do I need to register for the conference? 

Conference registration for Research Track authors (accepted papers, invited papers and special sessions) will be open May 15 - June 15, 2021 on  All Research Track authors are required to register for the live event no later than June 15 for their paper to be published. 


As an author/presenter in the Research Track, am I required to present at the live event in December? 

Yes. Specific instructions will be sent to each author/presenter via email. 


What if my institution/organization or geographic region has travel restrictions in place in December? 

Contact the conference program chair or DAC conference management:


If my institution/organization or geographic region does not allow for me to travel, will my accepted paper be published? 

Contact the conference program chair or DAC conference management team to discuss any concerns:


If I can't attend DAC 2021 due to restrictions, can my paper or presentation be scheduled for DAC 2022? 

No, your paper for DAC 2021 is accepted only for the DAC 2021 conference. 


Will DAC 2022 Research Track CFP deadline for papers, panels, workshops and tutorials be postponed due to the reschedule date of DAC 2021?  

The DAC 2022 CFP deadlines will remain the same as previous years. The Call for Submissions will open in October 2021, and the submission deadline will be in November 2021. Please note, the submissions for DAC 2022 will be submitted before DAC 2021 takes place. You will be able to reference your DAC 2021 work if necessary, as it will already be published on the IEEE and ACM publication sites.


Will the DAC 2022 Technical Program Committee (TPC) meeting be again virtual?

This will be decided in Fall 2021 upon invitation of the TPC new year’s members.


Since DAC 2021 has been rescheduled for December, can I create a new submission? 

No, submissions to the 58th DAC 2021 program are now closed. 


Who can I contact with additional questions about my 2021 submission? 




Are DIET presenters required to adhere to the original deadlines for reviews, final presentations, etc.?

Yes, the deadlines and schedule for all tracks have not been changed.  Designer, IP and Embedded track presenters are required to follow the schedule found here.


Have the deadlines to the DIET invited sessions changed? 

The deadlines are the same for invited sessions and can be found here.

What are the registration requirements for oral and poster presenters? 

As a presenter at the Designer, IP and/or Embedded Systems Track, you are required to register for the Designer, IP, Embedded Systems  Track pass. All presenters are required to be registered no later than November 1, 2021.


Will DIET presenters be allowed to update their final presentations before the December 2021 event?  

All final presentations to Designer, IP or Embedded Systems Tracks will not have an opportunity to be updated.  This is due to each year having a newly selected DIET Technical Program Committee and the workload/review being scheduled for the first half of the year.  All final presentations are due according to the original schedule set for DAC 2021. Deadlines can be found at here. 

If there are questions about submission updates please contact the Designer, IP and Embedded System Track conference chairs  


Will the video presentations for DIET be archived? And if yes, when will they be available?

Yes, the DAC 2021 archives on is being scheduled for February 2022


Exhibitors FAQ’s 

Do we need to submit a new Exhibit Space Application for the new December 2021 dates?

No.  The contract you submitted for DAC 2021 will remain in force and you will NOT be required to submit a new application to participate.


Will my booth assignment change now that the conference has changed dates?

Your current booth assignment will not change.  The floor plan will not change, and you will retain your current booth assignment, as long your licensing fee has been paid in full.  If you have any questions about your payment or would like to change the size of your current booth assignment, please contact Hall-Erickson, Exhibition Management, at


What will be the new installation and dismantling schedule?


Thursday, Dec. 2 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Targeted)

Friday, Dec. 3     8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Targeted) 

Saturday, Dec. 4    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Targeted) 

Sunday, Dec. 5 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Targeted)


Exhibit Hours:

Monday, Dec. 6    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Tuesday, Dec. 7   10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Wednesday, Dec. 8   10:00 AM - 6:00 PM  



Wednesday, Dec. 8   6:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Thursday, Dec. 9    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


We made hotel reservations for July.  What do we need to do to cancel?

If you made a hotel reservation or reserved a block of rooms through the official DAC online housing website, you do NOT need to take any action at this time.  Those reservations will automatically be applied to corresponding dates in December.  You are NOT required to contact the hotel or the official housing company – Convention Management Resources (CMR).  CRM will contact your exhibit contact directly once the block has been moved to the December dates and confirm your new rooming block dates.  DAC and SEMI have partnered with CMR as the official provider of hotel services for SEMICON West and DAC 2021.  


When will exhibitor housing information be available for December?

Exhibitor housing for those who have not made reservations as of yet, will be open May 1, 2021. The primary contact listed on your exhibit space application will receive the information on reserving hotel rooms.  Be sure to reserve your hotel rooms only through CMR to access the special discounted rates for DAC.  

IMPORTANT: No other hotel management company or travel agency is authorized to place reservations on behalf of DAC, so avoid housing scams and use only the official DAC online housing website.


When will the exhibitor manual be available for ordering onsite services?

The exhibitor manual, which includes complete information on shipping your exhibit materials, the targeted installation and dismantling schedule, special display rules and regulations for COVID-19, order forms for furnishings and utilities, and more, will be available online July 1, 2021.  


When will exhibitor registration be open?

DAC 2021 registration will open on September 7, 2021.  The primary contact listed on your exhibit space application will receive information on requesting badges for your booth staff and how to access the complimentary full-conference registrations you receive with your rented booth space (1 per 500 sq. ft. of paid exhibit space with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20).  Watch for more information in the September issue of the exhibitor update newsletter.


What are the dates and location for DAC 2022?

The 59th DAC will take place, as scheduled, next July 10-14, 2022, at Moscone West in San Francisco, collocated with SEMICON WEST.  The DAC 2022 Conference Program Committee is already planning another outstanding program with the submission website opening as traditionally scheduled in September.


When will we be able to select our booth space for DAC 2022?

Current exhibitors in DAC 2021 will receive information in October 2021 for selecting exhibit space at DAC 2022. 

Questions? Contact Hall-Erickson, Exhibition Management, at or call 630.434.7779.

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