Keeping you healthy and safe at DAC 2021

When it comes to safety, we put you first!  By working closely with Moscone Center in San Francisco and Federal, State and Local public health officials, we will incorporate current best practices to provide you with the best level of protection at DAC 2021 this December.

Surpassing health and safety standards so you can get down to business!

Here are 3 ways we’re keeping you safe:

  1. Partnering with Moscone Center to maintain their Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Accreditation and ASM Global’s VenueShield standards for a state-of-the-art cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program that minimizes risks associated with infectious agents.
  2. Collaborating with our contractors and the exhibitor community to ensure everyone receives training on personal hygiene guidelines and response/recovery protocols related to suspected/confirmed cases of COVID.
  3. Continuing to seek expert advice on up-to-the-moment health and safety direction from the WHO, the CDC, State and Local public health authorities, and recognized health and safety experts.

A safer way to connect at DAC 2021

We all play a role in the health and safety of our visit to DAC 2021.  This year, we’ve added COVID specific measures to ensure a clean and safe environment.  Here are some of the health and safety measures that we expect all participants to follow:

Social distancing and traffic flows

  • Physical distancing consistent with local guidelines – at least 6 feet apart – will be enforced at entrances, in registration, in the restaurants, in the lobby, and on the exhibit floor.
  • Floor markings will be installed to designate physical distancing in queuing locations and designated directional walking paths and lanes.
  • Each exhibit hall will have designated entrance doors and exit doors for attendees on Show days and designated entrances/exits for all contractor labor during move-in and move-out days.
  • All meeting and event spaces will be organized to limit a crowd density of no less than 28 sq. ft. per person.
  • Exhibitors will be expected to observe strict exhibit capacity, physical distancing, and traffic flow requirements within their rented exhibit space.

Personal protective equipment

  • A protective face mask will be mandatory for everyone entering Moscone Center and must be worn properly during their entire stay.
  • Signage will be in place throughout Moscone Center informing and reminding all attendees and contractors of the face covering requirement.
  • Anyone not agreeing to this policy will be escorted out of the building.


  • Designated entrances will feature temperature check stations and a health questionnaire.
  • Entry doors, registration equipment, and information points will be touchless.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be widely available throughout Moscone Center.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high frequency contact points will be implemented by Moscone Center and restrooms will be disinfected frequently, as directed in the San Francisco Healthy Building Ordinance.
  • The General Service Contractor and EACs will provide detailed plans on disinfectant protocols in the exhibit hall and their client exhibit booths.
  • Meeting space will be cleaned and disinfected frequently, as directed in the San Francisco Healthy Building Ordinance.
  • Food and beverage will be individually packaged for single use and all pay points will be compliant with physical distancing.


  • Moscone Center employees and their event service providers will be trained on personal hygiene practices and response/recovery protocols related to suspected/confirmed cases of COVID.
  • Exhibitors will be expected to train their booth staff and EACs on health and safety guidelines and rules provided by DAC 2021.
  • All building, contractor, and event staff will be trained to recognize the symptoms of COVID and know the resulting protocols to quarantine those exposed and minimize any further exposure to DAC 2021 participants.

DAC 2021 will abide by every step outlined in our health and safety guidelines and will enforce compliance throughout the event to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  Licensed health professionals will be available onsite during the entire lease period and will staff a dedicated triage area for attendees who may become sick but cannot immediately leave the venue.  And finally, complete registration records will be maintained to assist with contact tracing following the event, should the need arise.

At DAC 2021, your safety comes first!  We look forward to welcoming you to San Francisco this December.