53rd DAC Best Paper/Presentation Nominations


12.1    Accurate Phase-Level Cross-Platform Power and Performance Estimation

13.2    Correlated Bayesian Model Fusion: Efficient Performance Modeling of Large-Scale Tunable Analog/RF Integrated Circuits

14.4    Designing Approximate Circuits using Clock Overgating

21.1    A New Learning Method for Inference Accuracy, Core Occupation, and Performance Co-optimization on TrueNorth Chip

22.2    Design Partitioning for Large-Scale Equivalence Checking and Functional Correction

23.3    Formal Reliability Analysis of Switched Ethernet Automotive Networks under Transient Transmission Errors

29.3    Quest for High-Performance Bufferless NoCs with Single-Cycle Express Paths and Self-Learning Throttling

30.1    Multiple Patterning Layout Decomposition Considering Complex Coloring Rules

31.2    Improving Mobile Gaming Performance through Cooperative CPU-GPU Thermal Management

39.1    Distributed On-chip Voltage Regulation: Theoretical Stability Foundation, Over-design Reduction and Performance Optimization

40.3    EffiTest: Efficient Delay Test and Statistical Prediction for Configuring Post-silicon Tunable Buffers

41.2    Improving Performance and Lifetime of NAND Storage Systems Using Relaxed Program Sequence

48.4    A Novel Cross-Layer Framework for Early-Stage Power Delivery and Architecture Co-Exploration

49.1    A High-resolution Side-Channel Attack on Last Level Cache

56.4    Legalization Algorithm for Multiple-Row Height Standard Cell Design

58.1    Enabling Sub-blocks Erase Management to Boost the Performance of 3D NAND Flash Memory


All presentations will be considered for the Best Presentation Award.

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