Tips to Record Presentation Videos

If you’re used to presenting to a room full of attendees, recording your lecture or lesson to an empty audience might feel strange. Here are some tips to help in your recording.

Determine your camera: Luckily, most laptops  have a built-in camera. You can easily record your video without having a separate high-powered video camera. However, if you do have one and a tripod, feel free to use them!

Eliminate background noise: Be sure to record your video in a quiet place without background sound. Sometimes using headphones or an external microphone can be helpful, as it can be challenging to record in a busy home environment.

The audio source needs to be as close to the microphone in an environment that has little or no other noise or echo.

Ensure steady lighting: Try and record your video in one place with a lamp for front-facing lighting. Try to position your camera away from a window or other light source. Make sure you are clearly visible and well-lit. Also, clean your camera lens for the clearest image!

For more lighting tips you can visit:

Steady your camera: Place your laptop or camera on an even, stable surface so that you have a steady image during recording. Before you record, make sure that everything fits into the frame of the camera and will be captured.

Larger fonts for screen viewing less info per slide etc.

Incorporate question prompts: Try and make your Presentation portion short to allow your audience to interact with questions. Incorporate questions in your video for ongoing formative assessment. This will allow the audience to pause and reflect, and it will keep them engaged.

Be explicit and allow pauses: Be specific about instructions to help your audience follow along. If it helps, make notes beforehand to focus the content of the presentation.

Use captions / subtitles: If possible, create subtitles for your video so that it is easily accessible to all students.

Review and upload your video: Before you upload your video, review it for lighting, sound quality, and pacing. With your first video recorded, watch it and make notes for any changes. What worked? And then re-record.

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