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Work-in-Progress Posters

DAC Work-in-Progress (WIP) aims to provide authors an opportunity to receive early feedback on current work and preliminary results. WIP submissions will be presented at a poster session where the WIP poster presenters will showcase their work and get timely feedback from professionals including academia, EDA industries, designers, and makers.

If you notice an issue with your poster in the DAC program or need to request a change, please use the change request form.


  • For Manuscript submissions:
    • February 26, 2024: Notification - WIP acceptance notifications will be emailed to authors.
    • March 4, 2024: Confirmation Forms Due - Accepted posters must submit a confirmation form.
  • For Late Breaking Results submissions:
    • March 6, 2024: Notification - WIP acceptances notifications will be emailed to authors.
    • March 13, 2024: Confirmation Forms Due - Accepted posters must submit a confirmation form.
  • For all confirmed Work in Progress Posters:
    • March 20, 2024 - Speaker registration opens
    • April 10, 2024: Registration Deadline
    • May 21, 2024: Deadline for authors to submit PDF of final poster. (Authors must print and bring their own poster onsite)


WIP presenters are required to present a poster describing their work (see below for poster guidelines) during the designated WIP session and be available for the entire hour to discuss their work with interested attendees. This provides an opportunity for extended discussion with interested members of the audience.

Each author is allocated a 42” tall x 36” wide area for a poster.  Poster sessions will run for one hour, and may include 20-30 posters. Poster authors are welcome to distribute additional material to interested attendees at the poster session. Such material can include extended abstracts and whitepapers. 

  • One poster board is allocated to each presentation.  
  • Posters must be mounted using push pins provided by the organizing committee.
  • Do not use foam core material for your poster or any other thick/heavy material.
  • Poster presenters are responsible for printing their own poster and carrying or shipping it to the conference.
  • The title of your poster should be done in block letters which are AT LEAST 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) high.
  • All text must be easily readable from a distance of 1 to 2 meters. Make the lettering at least 1 cm high, smaller lettering will not be legible from a distance of 1 to 2 meters.
  • All graphs and charts should be AT LEAST 25 X 30 cm (approximately 8.5 x 11 inches) or larger.
  • Please include a copy of the DAC logo at the bottom right corner of your poster. You can download the PNG image file here.
  • It is a good idea to sequentially number your materials in the poster. This will indicate to the viewer a logical progression through your poster.
  • Provide an introduction (outline) and a summary or conclusion for your poster.
  • Prepare your poster carefully so that it can be used as the basis to explain and answer questions from the viewers.
  • Have your business cards available for those who may wish to contact you at a later date.
  • Bring along a tablet of blank paper that you may use for a discussion of technical details relating to your poster.


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