Intellectual Property (IP) is increasingly complex, diverse, innovative, and challenging. The complexity is driven by increasing requirements for higher integration levels that are reusable; the diversity to satisfy varying environmental conditions and constraints dictated by the different target markets. In addition, the evolution of IP is being driven by innovative architectures to address the latency-power-performance needs of new disruptive applications, such as machine learning.  The IP challenges are to cope with the complexities of advanced technology nodes.

IP design is the art of choosing and designing the proper combination of analog, digital, RF hardware and software components to achieve sub-system-level design goals like speed, power, latency, efficiency, reliability, security, and safety. EDA tools, automation and methods are continuously improved to help architect, develop, verify and manage the ever more complex IP and IP portfolios. 

The IP Track sessions at DAC provides a forum for presenting and discussing the challenges of IP development, verification, integration and management.  It also provides an opportunity for leaders in the industry and academia to come together to exchange ideas and roadmaps for the future for this rapidly expanding area.

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