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Hello all, and welcome to DAC Season. As you all probably know by now, there are some twists to DAC Season this year. First, it’s being held July 20 – 24 this year instead of in June. I believe there was one other time the conference spilled into July, so this isn’t the norm. DAC, like pretty much every other conference these days has also gone virtual. Where to locate DAC has always been the source of a lot of passionate opinion and discussion. This time, we get a pass on that.
General DAC Chair Zhuo LiThe conference chair this year is Dr. Zhuo Li from Cadence. Dr. Li has quite the challenge, presiding over a conference that is doing a lot of things for the first time with respect to both space and time. You can watch his series of video blogs that chronicle the momentum of DAC and the recent decision to make it virtual on DACtv here. They’re quite informative and Dr. Li does have a sense of humor.

Full article:, Mike Gianfagna
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Monday, June 8, 2020 - 19:15
Full article:, Mike Gianfagna

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